September Recap

image1-5September has been a very busy month for me! Between appointments, study and being social – it’s been a little chaotic.

The start of the month was a bit rocky for me as my body was still recovering from my busy month in August. This led to me becoming sick with tonsillitis, strep throat and the flu!  It was a rough few weeks but a good dose of antibiotics and steroids fixed me up. During this point I was taking 17 tablets a day which was crazy.



This cleared up in time formy brain MRI in Sydney. I am slightly claustrophobic so I findMRIs to be very daunting, especially that cage over your face the whole time. The MRI went fine and because I haven’t heard back from my doctor, I am assuming that it came back clear again which is nice. This means I wont need another now for many years to come and takes MS off the table again.



Study has been very overwhelming but I am getting used to it now. I am thoroughly enjoying my subjects and am getting used to using what I will call my ‘new brain’. I say this because my brain works very differently now and it’s been hard learning how to study all over again after being so used to doing this before. Things that once were so easy for me are a lot harder now so I’ve had to adjust to that.

To celebrate my study and my passion for writing I got myself a tattoo! It signifies a huge turning point in my life but also represents alarge part of my childhood life and dreams. I’ve always loved to read and write and it has been my dream ever since I was a little girl to write my own book. With this new degree, my blog and my tattoo as encouragement I am closer to achieving that dream than ever.


I also got the number ’22’ which is my current age. This tattoo represents the unity between my mum, sister and I as we are all born on the 22nd. They will be getting the same tattoo soon to. I always promised myself that 22 would be the best year of my life and I am working really hard on making that happen despite the obstacles.


This month I also made a vlog about my biggest struggle being undiagnosed. It is very raw and emotional and was very hard to film. Check it out here.

The 18th of September is my first year anniversary of  this illness. You can read my reflection on that here. These two photos are a year comparison, the left was my last selfie I took before I became sick.



The 17th of September 2016 was my last day as a ‘healthy’ person so I decided that I needed to pretend for a while that I was still that healthy person and I went on a little adventure with my boyfriend and did a little bush walk and sightseeing in my local area. It was a challenge for me but it was so worth it. I made a promise to myself to do things like this more often.


I also made an appointment to see a couple of different specialists, one is coming up in November and the other is in April. These specialists both work with hard to diagnose conditions and mainly work with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. These appointments could lead to potential diagnosis so that’s exciting.

I also celebrated a very special friend’s baby shower and another’s hens night.


My partner and I are in the middle of moving at the moment so things are a little chaotic. October will be an exciting month and I can’t wait to tell you what’s happening!

You may have noticed that there was no new blog post this week; things are really full-on for me right now between moving and trying to meet university dead lines so I haven’t had much time for my own writing. I will do my best to make more time over the coming weeks.

You can read this months posts here:

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