Quick Health Update

Hi guys, so these last two weeks I haven’t published a blog because of two things. Firstly, my laptop is getting repaired so I don’t have anything besides an iPhone to write with. Secondly my health has been quite unpredictable so I also haven’t had the energy. 

Returning back from my holiday really took a toll on my body and I am still extremely exhausted and fragile from this. I will write a proper post on what it is like to travel with my illness and the pros and cons at a later date so I’ll keep this brief. Basically my body is getting its revenge on me for leaving bed most days which is hard for me.

I also was taken to hospital earlier this week and told I had extremely low blood sugar. They gave me some juice and sent me on my way only for me to have a more serious attack an hour after being released from hospital. In this episode I could not move or communicate. I was totally limp and unable to respond. I was also drifting in and out of consciousness for about 20 minutes. Once I came out of it I refused to go back to the hospital because they are hopeless. This was one of the scariest things to ever happen to me and I hope I never experience it again. However it may have shed some light on my unknown illness and  this week I will be getting tested for diabetes which can cause some of the symptoms I am experiencing.

If you are interested in more frequent and short updates, follow my Facebook page (finding rainbows in the dark) because I regularly update that to keep people informed. There’s a quick link to this on the home page if you’re lazy like me.

I am ok, I am staying strong and keeping those positive thoughts flowing despite everything. I do apologise for no new posts these last few weeks and hope to write something great for you all soon.

Thanks for your support, I love you guys 💖

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  1. bumblebeechula says:

    I’m really sorry that you went through that! That sounds so traumatic!!! But I’m glad that they may have finally found out what’s going on! I hope you get some answers! You’ve been so strong in light of what is happening all the best!

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