November Recap

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Hello December! Is anyone else getting super excited for Christmas? November was a little crazy for me, and unfortunately, I only managed to publish one blog in the whole month which I am a little disappointed about.

My hair is BLONDE! Very close to my natural colour which is so much easier for me to maintain. I miss my colours but I am loving this!


I started November with my first psychologist appointment which I was very nervous about. My neurologist recommended I see her to rule out psychosomatic illness (mental illness that presents as physical) and to make sure I was coping ok with everything. I found this session to be the most uplifting and positive appointment I’ve had in the past 15 months (can you believe it’s been that long?). She told me that my coping skills were incredible and that she could not offer me any advice on how to handle my situation, only praise the way I am handling it on my own. She was happy to write to my doctors after this first session to say that I am perfectly sane, and I should be commended not questioned. I wasn’t surprised by her conclusions, but I was definitely relieved. I wont go into detail about what we talked about, but she did inspire a few writing topics for me which you will hopefully see soon. I am seeing her again this month, so I’ll let you all know how that goes in my next recap!

My best friend’s wedding was also this month! It was such an incredible day, definitely one of the best days of my life so far. Being a bridesmaid was so much fun and she was the most understanding bride about my condition. She organised a chair for me in the front row of the ceremony, so I could sit down once my symptoms got out of hand (which was less than 5 minutes into it!). Here are a few pictures from the day:


WE MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE! So exciting. We had been living in a shed/unfinished granny flat for almost 3 years and boy does it feel good to be living in a house again. It’s been so incredible to make it into a home and to start this very grown-up journey with my beautiful partner. Now that we are settled, our relationship is in an amazing place and I am loving every minute with him.


I also got to meet my beautiful GODSON, Ashton. I am so honoured to hold such a special place in his life and I can’t wait to have big Ash and little Ash adventures with the little man.


My first semester back at uni is finished, too! I am very proud of myself for completing this session and putting in so much work despite all the chaos going on in my life with moving twice, being ridiculously sick and not having any internet for almost 2 months! My university doesn’t have any breaks between semesters, so I have already started my next subjects.

I did something very different this month as well. I was scouted online to enter a modelling competition run by Country Girl Management which is one of the largest agencies in Australia! I thought why the hell not, and DID IT. We had a training day with confidence building workshops, a professional photoshoot and then we had a catwalk show. It was the most physically demanding day that I’ve had in a while and my body is definitely still paying the price, but it was such an amazing day. I met some amazing women who lifted me up so much. I was so nervous because I am very insecure about my weight, but I took a lot out of my experience and left there feeling very body-positive. I’ll post some of my professional photos in my next recap hopefully!


I also had an appointment with my neurologist this month. This is probably the most important part of the recap health wise. I’d done all the tests he’d asked for, so I was seeing him to find out what next. Unfortunately, he told me that he’s done everything he can for me and there’s nothing else he can do unless there’s further development with my symptoms in the future. He said as far as he can tell, my brain as a ‘machine’ is in perfect order but there is a processing or communication issue somewhere that he can’t find or explain. He has recommended that I see a rheumatologist to pursue autoimmune diseases next. He found elevated EBV in my blood that indicated I previously had the virus but don’t currently. This could be key to diagnosis CFS so I’ll definitely present this to the CFS specialist I’m booked in to see in April next year. I hope my next doctor is as kind, compassionate and caring as this doctor has been. I am very thankful for him and can appreciate his honesty in telling me he can no longer help me.

So, there we have it; November is over, just like that. I enjoyed this month a lot and there was definitely more good than bad. I hope this month I can write more than I did last, but it’s not fair to put that pressure on myself.

My post from this month was How Did The Sick Girl Cross The Road?

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and have a beautiful Christmas.

Thanks for following my journey.

Much love,


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