January Recap


The first month of 2018 is over! Life is going by so fast at the moment, it’s now been 17 months since my chronic illness battle started and I am still no closer to finding answers.

I celebrated the new year with my closest friends and my mumma bear. We had a garden party and of course drunk too much alcohol! It was a great night and I absolutely loved getting together with most of my favourite people.


My first day of 2018 was spent on the beach in the beautiful Australian sun. This is weird for me because I normally stay as far away from the beach as possible because my skin doesn’t cope with the sun, my body doesn’t cope with the heat and I hate the water. Despite all of this, I went to the beach, not once but twice this month and surprisingly enjoyed it. The fatigue that followed from the heat was not so enjoyable but it’s the price I’ve got to pay to have some form of a life.


You may have seen my earlier post in January about going back to work, well unfortunately it didn’t work out. At first, I was devastated and left feeling useless, but I decided to take it in my stride and turn it around. It was causing me so much pain and exhaustion and I felt like my body wasn’t recovering in between shifts. I was also falling behind in my uni work and in my relationships. You can read my post here

Since leaving this job, I actually decided to start my own little business venture – yay! I started a party plan business through a company called April Nites – which is an adult party business. It’s a super fun, cheeky business where I get to educate women about sex in the comfort of their homes. I am doing really well with it so far and have been recognised several times by head office which is super nice! If you are curious, find my page on Facebook “April Nites with Ash” or Instagram and check it out.


January was a painful month, I landed myself in the ER with a dislocated shoulder. I wish this had a cool story, but it doesn’t – I literally reached out for something and it popped out, then I freaked out and pulled my arm back and it popped back in to place. I thought nothing of it for a few days until the pain wasn’t going away. It did give me a lot of perspective though because this pain was no worse than my ordinary back pain, it really showed just how much pain I go through every day.


My best friend’s baby shower was this month too! I was so honoured to help organise it and it turned out to be an amazing day! She is due any day now and I absolutely cannot wait to meet this beautiful girl.


As for medical appointments, I was due to see a rheumatologist for the first time this month but due to my ridiculously scrambled brain, I messed up the time and ended up missing it. I’ve now got to wait until March to see this doctor which is so frustrating, and I am so disappointed in myself for not being more organised which I always am.

Sorry for my lack of writing – still. I am working on it, I promise. I wrote Tired and Uninspired this month which sort of explains my absence over the last few months. As always, thanks for following my journey.

Much Love,



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    Hope you are doing well. Congrats on your new business venture! I have been following your blog and wanted to let you know I enjoy your content. So much so that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can learn more at my nomination post listed below. I hope you chose to participate and I look forward to reading the answers to the questions I am asking my nominees.



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