July Recap

Hi! I hope you all had a fabulous month. July was a very slow month as far as doctors appointments go but a few exciting things happened this month which made it seem like a productive month!

For the first few weeks of this month, I was dealing with extremely poor fatigue which made it very hard to manage anything except bed rest. I was also struggling with pain due to the cold weather. My struggle with fatigue inspired this month’s vlog which you can watch below. I talk about my good, bad and normal fatigue levels plus how I manage my day-to-day with chronic fatigue.

I have made a very exciting decision this month! I am going back to university (YAY)! As you may know, I was previously studying a double degree in law and psychology but I had to withdraw in September when I became too sick to continue. I’ve changed my course entirely now though, as I don’t think I could handle what I was doing before. I am doing a bachelor of arts, majoring in professional writing and publishing! My course is entirely online which is great because I am no longer able to drive and it is definitely better suited to my needs at the moment. I am so excited to put a little bit of routine back into my life and to actually be working towards something. I am a little nervous for it too, but once I get started I think I’ll be ok. My course starts at the end of August so I’ll update you all in my September update. (PS, where has this year gone? I can’t believe we’re heading into August!)


On a less positive note, I had a really frustrating appointment with an endocrinologist. I saw him last month and he ordered some bloods and urines (view last months recap here for more). This doctor is notorious for running late so he requires you to call up an hour prior to your scheduled time to see how late he is running. I got there and still had to wait an additional 50 minutes to be seen which was annoying but I’ve had worse. I walked in and sat down and he proceeded to scroll through my results mumbling what they read most likely for his own benefit, not mine. He then said, “well all your results came back totally fine, I have no reason to see you again.” He had the door open and was waving me out before I could even respond! If that wasn’t frustrating enough, I was slammed with a $150 bill on the way out. Two minutes in his office cost me $150. I could have hired a fucking escort for that price and at least got a full hour of their time! Anyway, it’s done now and it’s one less specialist I need to see.

I also spent some time getting all my paperwork in order for my next specialist visit, which is the beginning of next month! I visited my local doctor for a print out of all my test results from this year and I was given a 100+ page stack! So crazy to think that I have had so many tests done and nothing has shown up. IMG_7698[225]

For a nice pick-me-up, my best friend did my hair again for me! I love spending time in the salon and walking out with bright, fresh hair. I am obsessed with changing my hair colour, I can never stick to one thing. We always come up with a crazy and fun colour on the spot, this months colour was turquoise! image1 (6).JPG

I also celebrated my fourth anniversary with my partner Justin. He took me out to dinner to a super beautiful restaurant where we had an amazing night together. If you missed my post dedicated to him you can read it here. I also put together these five photos, one from every year we’ve been together, look how much we’ve changed over the years! IMG_7690[224].JPG

If you hadn’t noticed, my blog website got a makeover this month! I also moved my site over to a self-hosted one which means I now pay for my site in hope of earning an income generated through ads and sponsorship. I am still learning about all this and am not really sure what I’m doing but I’ll get there.

If you missed any of my posts from July you can read them here:

Overall, July was a pretty great month. I have a few exciting things happening in August, including a trip back to my neurologist for the first time in 7 months and it’s also my birthday month! I’ll let you know how it all goes in my next monthly recap.

Thanks so much for following my journey,

Much love,


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