My 10 Year Challenge: A Letter to my 13-year-old Self

The recent ’10-year challenge’ that has gone viral on social media has got me thinking – what would 13-year-old me think of 23 year old me? Would she be proud? Would she look up to me? Would she be happy with the life I’ve made for myself? It’s really inspired me to write to her and about her, my past self.

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The End of a Relationship, The Start of a New Journey…

Some of you may already know that Justin and I have recently split up after an incredible five years together. I had to make this decision for my mental health as I was losing myself in this relationship and not coping very well with everything. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make but it was time to put myself first. Continue reading

My Second Year Anniversary With Chronic Illness

I’ve stared at this blank document for days now, each time the tears welled up and I could not find the words to write. I am feeling extremely emotional and fragile about my two-year anniversary with illness, and I’ve really struggled to write anything at all this year so this is going to be tough for me to write. Continue reading

Why it is Disrespectful to Correct me when I say that I am Disabled

It has taken me a long time to accept my label as a young person with a disability but now I feel quite confident labelling myself as disabled. This seems to throw people off when I say it out loud because they immediate jump to my ‘defence’ and tell me that I am not disabled, I am just unwell. While your intentions are good, this does not comfort me at all. Instead it makes me feel as though you don’t think my conditions are serious enough to meet the standards of ‘disability’. Continue reading

I am not getting better, I am adapting to my condition

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people that have really made me think about why my situation is so different now than it was in the initial months of me getting sick. People are starting to assume that I am getting better because I am doing a lot more than I was to start with, but that could not be further from the truth. Continue reading

The Reason Why I Write

At first my writing was basically just a journal; a public diary that I vented and explored my thoughts on my new life and the struggles that came with it. It gradually developed into a sort of self-therapy for myself and I realised that writing was helping to keep me sane. It was helping me rediscover myself and my new purpose and was the only thing I was really working towards at the time. While I still do write for myself, the main reason why I write today is for you. Continue reading