10 Perfect Present Ideas For Chronically Ill Friends

Birthdays have always been a very exciting thing for me; whether it be my own or someone else’s, I’ve always loved them! This year when I was asked by my friends and family what I wanted for my birthday it made it really sink in just how different my life is with chronic illness. The things I would normally ask for seem pointless and unfitting now which has been my inspiration for this post! I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking of the perfect present ideas for others with chronic illnesses.

1. Massage Vouchers
This is probably my ideal gift! As someone who lives with daily back and neck pain, a massage for me is a great temporary relief from this. It’s hard to treat yourself to a massage when you don’t work and you have more important things to spend your money on like food and bills. That’s why a voucher is perfect, there is no guilt and feeling like you could have spent the money on something more responsible.

2. Books
You can never have too many books in my opinion so books are always a fantastic gift. If you or your chronically ill friend are not big readers, there are plenty of book options that don’t require a lot of effort on the reader’s behalf. Those books filled with affirmations are great; you can turn to any page and read something inspirational when you need it. There are also recipe books specifically for easy meals which are perfect for the unwell-cook. Books that come with audio are also great because a lot of the chronically ill struggle with concentration and other cognitive problems so listening to a book is probably easier than reading. Sometimes reading along with the audio is also helpful.

3. DVDs
I’ve binge-watched more TV series than I care to admit during my time being chronically ill. I am constantly on the lookout for something new to watch. Whether it’s a movie or a series, DVDs are great gifts for the chronically ill. There are so many days where watching TV is the only thing we can manage, so having some good stuff to watch is always handy.

4. Subscriptions
Whether it be for a magazine or a streaming service like Netflix, subscriptions are such a good present! There are also a bunch of subscription services specifically designed to meet the needs of chronically ill patients! Here are a few I found:


Subscriptions are perfect because they require little to no effort for the receiver, it’s not like a voucher that they never get around to using – it’s something that is delivered to them!

5. Heat Packs/Hot Water Bottles
In my experience, you can never have too many of these bad boys. Sometimes I honestly could use about 5 at once and I only have one so I’m forced to choose which pain area is the worst. You can even get specific shaped ones for certain areas like neck hot water bottles! While this seems like such a boring gift, you can make it more exciting with some cute covers for them. If you know someone who suffers from regular pain, you can’t go wrong with this. It’s something that is definitely going to be practical and appreciated.

6. Pyjamas
As someone who isn’t working, I wear pyjamas more than anything else. As well as being comfortable, they also help with my pain. There’s nothing worse than wearing tight clothes when you are in pain. A pair of cute and comfortable PJ’s, summer or winter, is a great gift for someone with a chronic illness.

7. A Lunch Date
When you don’t leave the house much, sometimes an excuse to wear something other than my pyjamas is what I need. Make sure you let us pick the day and time as we all have certain times of day that are easier than others. Sometimes it’s really nice to sit somewhere other than your home for an hour or so and eat something delicious. If leaving the house isn’t really an option, bring the lunch date to them! Cook something and bring it over, to save us feeling pressured to help cook/clean. Wine is definitely always welcome too.

8. Self-Care Package
If you know anything about chronic illness (or mental illness) you’ll know how important self-care is. The chronic illness subscription boxes I suggested are filled with great self-care items you can use for inspiration to put together your own self-care hamper! You can make this gift as cheap or as expensive as you’d like. Get creative, you can throw in any of the gifts I’ve recommended in this list or find others. Self-care items can be beauty/hygiene products, relaxation tools (oils, candles, CDs, massage devices), consumables, stationery or anything else. A quick Google/Pinterest of ‘self-care items’ will give you hundreds of ideas

9. Beauty Voucher
Chances are it’s been a very long time since we’ve pampered ourselves. Having our hair or nails done may seem like a pointless endeavour considering how little we leave the house but god it is a fantastic pick-me-up. No one likes to look sick, and when we look half human we always feel better. Even just a wash and blow-dry voucher for a hair salon would be incredible. For people who suffer chronic pain, washing hair is a difficult and painful task so having someone to do it for you is always nice.

10. Your company
At the end of the day, your friendship is what we want most. Come over and spend time with us, even help us out with the chores we find most difficult. This may make us slightly uncomfortable but at the end of the day, we will appreciate it so much. One of our biggest insecurities is feeling like a burden on our friends and family so spending time with us reminds us that we are loved. Your company is the best present you could give us.


So whether you have a friend who is chronically ill or are chronically ill yourself, I hope this post gave you some giftspiration! Comment below and let me know what your favourite illness-inspired present is.

2 thoughts on “10 Perfect Present Ideas For Chronically Ill Friends

  1. Lois says:

    I relayed to so much of what you had to day about your body choices and why you choose them.

    I too am in pain all the time and wear my lounge wear aka pyjamas at home all the time. It always makes me feel better when i am wearing something nice rather than something worn out our grungy.

    The other thing i have that would be a great gift for someone who reads a lot is amazon kindle unlimited. Is only about $12 a month, so an amazon gift certificate could help pay for this.

    Keep up your writing as i really relate to you. My diagnosis took a long time and still is up for debate with some neurologists. I try not to focus on this, but look for the joy in life 😀

    • abutler2295@gmail.com says:

      I’m so glad you could relate to this! That amazon kindle sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of it – I’ll have to look into it myself!
      Thanks again,
      Much love xx

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